Sunday, May 15, 2011

How the Quantum Vision Works for Business

More and more we find companies looking to professional improvisers for help in teambuilding, working together better, creativity and brainstorming. In a world that requires an ability to adapt quickly and successfully, what better expert to go to than to the improviser.

The Quantum Vision strategy for improvisation makes for an easy transition into the world of business. Since it is based on foundations of maximizing forward movement and minimizing forces and dynamics that inhibit forward movement, the cross applications are obvious.

What are the elements that are inhibiting forward movement for the company? Variations of this question can be applied not only to the entire company and its vision, but to specific divisions, teams, areas of discipline and even individuals.

When those inhibiting elements can not only be identified and recognized, but can be eliminated, forward progression is automatic. Realistically, many inhibitors cannot be completely eliminated, but imagine if they can at least be minimized. That still means forward progression - more than there was just a moment ago.

Working to minimize inhibitors is a key element of the Quantum Vision.

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